50s Wiring

50s Wiring – Whats It All About?

50s Wiring was at its most popular when used by Gibson in their Les Paul and similar guitars during the ……. wait for it……. 1950s 😉

It is one method that is used to wire the components within the guitars electronic  circuit.  50s wiring is no longer used by Gibson and have been phased out by what is known as ‘Modern Wiring’.

There is no difinitive answer as to why this has been, many theories range from cost cutting to trying to get a more thick heavy tone that have gained more popularity throughout the years.

Lets get down to the tonal differences.

The main problem that arises with the ‘modern wiring’ method seems to be the distinct reduction in highs well the volume is rolled off. This leads to the tone becoming quite muddy and unclear at lower volumes. Ironically this is not a problem with the original 50s wiring and is why so many wire their guitars up this way. It is also considered that the 50s method of wiring allows the tone and volume controls to interact more dynamically with each other.

In short 50s wiring maintain the tonal highs at lower volumes and allows more interaction between the controls. Giving the guitar a more versatile range of tones.

Of course ‘modern wiring’ has its positives. It is considered to work better with high gain and solid state amplifiers. ‘Modern wiring’ seems to be great if your looking for a high gain thick tone.

All the info I have given are the views of myself of other guitarists and musician. By no means am I speaking badly about one brand or another.

Please feel free to contact me to let me know your views or opinions,